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19 January 2012 - Safe Loading Policy
As from Monday 16th January 2012 HBC will be introducing a 'safe loading policy' throughout their entire business which may affect the way in which we load your vehicle.

We will only load vehicles in such a way that we consider to be 'safe'. We will no longer be loading any vehicle on to stilts, or any vehicle where the method used to secure the vehicle is considered by our site to be unsafe.

Please contact our individual site manager if you have any queries.

01 December 2010 - Adverse Weather
Due to adverse weather conditions our sites may operate limited opening times or have limited access. Please contact the site before attempting travel to ensure it is open.

20 January 2010 - Admin Fee Change
We will be raising the Auction Admin Rate from 4% to 5% on all sales finishing on or after 1st February 2010.

The Minimum admin will also be increasing to 15.
The Maximum Admin will be reducing from 550 to 400.

20 November 2009 - HBC Vehicle Sales from Northern Ireland.
HBC are now selling vehicles via our Agent in Armagh, Northern Ireland.

To see these vehicles please select "Other" in the Locations tick boxes on the Auction hallway page.

Payment for these vehicles can be made at any of our sites in cash or by credit card or by bank transfer to HBC.
Credit card payment facilities will be available at our Agents site within the next 14 days.

05 December 2008 - Non Salvage & Theft Recovered
For your convenience we have added an extra check box on the auction hallway page, so you can go direct to vehicles which are Non Salvage (including de-fleet) or are Theft recovered (normally with little or no damage).

06 August 2008 - MAESTRO & SOLO CARDS
We are no longer able to accept Maestro or Solo Cards for Registration or for On-Line Deposits.
But we will still be able to accept these cards at our site for payment of balances.
If you registered with such a card you can continue to bid, but if you win an item, you will need to amend your card details or renew your account before you can bid again. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

12 February 2006 - ON-LINE DEPOSITS

On 1st March 2006, new rules for online deposits will come into force.

In addition to our standard practice of debiting a maximum 100 deposit (plus 3% card handling fee) to the registered card of a customer who is the highest bidder on an HBC web item, where the highest bid is over 2500, we will, instead, from 1st March 2006, debit a 250 deposit (plus 3% card handling fee) to the registered card of a customer who is the highest bidder on an HBC web item.

These changes are now included in our standard terms and conditions.

This should simplify the purchasing process for our regular customers and further deter bogus bidding which has been unhelpful to HBC and customers alike.

12 February 2006 - VIEWING TIMES

Site viewing of vehicles showing in on-line auctions will be restricted to Mondays Wednesdays & Fridays between 10 AM and Midday.
This will be effective immediately at all sites. Only customers who are currently registered on our web site will be allowed into our sites to view vehicles.
Please bring proof of registration if you wish to view vehicles. You can print your Registration Certificate by accessing the "Manage my Account" menu.

23 January 2005 - New Facility - ' Print HBC Registration Certificate'
A new facility has been added to enable customers to print a copy of their HBC Registration Certificate. The certificate contains useful information when a customer is collecting a vehicle from one of HBC's yards and can assist HBC staff to identify the customer and the vehicle to be collected more quickly.

Please always carry this certificate with you when visiting an HBC yard in addition to other required means of identification.

The certificate can be printed from the 'Manage my Account' page.

23 January 2005 - VAT Invoices
For registration, re-registration and card update payments, VAT invoices can now be accessed and printed from the 'Manage my Account' menu.

This new facility applies only to those payments that were transacted after 12 January 2005.

VAT invoices for payment on purchase of vehicles will continue to be issued by HBC Accounts department.


Since the 7th April 2003 all accident damaged and / or substantially repaired cars notified to the DVLA must pass a vehicle identity check before they can be returned to the road. Information on VIC can be found HERE

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