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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay For Vehicles?

There are a number of ways HBC Vehicle Services can accept funds to settle your account. The payment methods are detailed on our how to pay page here. The How To Pay page is split between either you sending a payment remotely or you attending one of our sites to pay at a HBC counter.

Vehicles will only be released once confirmed funds are identified, cleared and allocated to a buyers account

HBC How To Pay

What charges are made as fees and on administration?

HBC currently charge Administration Fees as per the tables below.

These charges will automatically be applied to every sales invoice.

For vehicles that aren't fully paid for and collected within 2 working days after the day of sale, storage and insurance will be charged for each vehicle at £5 (+ VAT) per day.

Banded Administration fee based on Hammer Price For Sales After 31st August 2019

Hammer From Hammer up to Banded Admin Charge
£0.01 £99.99 £23.10
£25,000.00No Limit£1,528.00

Additionally there will be a Gate Fee of £15 and an Internet bidding fee of £10.00.
All the above fees are subject to VAT

Banded Administration fee based on Hammer Price. For Sales on or Before 31st August 2019

Hammer From Hammer up to Banded Admin Charge
£0.01 £99.99 £22.00
£25,000.00No Limit£1,456.00

Additionally there will be a Gate Fee of £15 and an Internet bidding fee of £10.00.
All the above fees are subject to VAT

What are the charges for storage and insurance after the 2 working days?

Vehicles must be fully paid for and collected within 2 working days after the day of sale, otherwise storage and insurance will be charged at £5 per day

Can I view the vehicles?

We consider it essential that you ensure your satisfaction with a vehicle and that viewing of the item prior to bidding should take place.

Viewing of On Line Items will be possible every weekday from 9AM until 4.30PM (or until dusk in the winter, whichever is sooner)

Only customers who are currently registered on our web site will be allowed into our sites to view vehicles.

To be allowed on site you (or your driver) must:

  • Bring a copy of your current registration certificate*
  • You must wear suitable clothing.
  • Report to reception (or at our Canvey site the Gate Hut).
  • Show your registration certificate.
  • Show the catalogue numbers of the vehicle(s) you wish to view.

* Please print and bring your registration certificate by clicking on Manage My Account (after logging in) and selecting the B1. Print Current Registration Invoice option.

A HBC member of staff will then accompany you around the site allowing you to see the vehicles you would like to view.

Our sites are working areas and we will be operating machinery. Therefore please ensure you are dressed appropriately, especially that you are wearing appropriate footwear.

The Registered buyer may bring an advisor when viewing a vehicle but a maximum of 2 people are allowed to view a vehicle.

Please view our HBC Site rules [.pdf] for a full list of rules when visiting one of our sites.

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What is autobidding?

When you enter an Auto Bid amount you will have control of the bidding up to your specified threshold.

Each time someone bids less than your Auto Bid amount you will regain control of that item as the system will automatically input your bid at one increment over their bid (up to your Auto Bid limit). If your Auto Bid amount is exceeded you will be emailed in the normal way.

You can use Auto Bid to bid on any online auction item.

Are Registration Numbers included in the sale?

Personal and cherished registration numbers do not form part of any Lot unless expressly stated.

What is the ABI Category?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is a trade association made up of insurance companies in the United Kingdom. The ABI represents the collective interests of the UK's insurance industry and helps define standards of customer service in the insurance industry.

The ABI Category is a standard vehicle salvage category recognised across the insurance industry in the UK. The categories are defined as follows:

Category A
The most severe level of damage. Category A vehicles are crushed and not sold at auction.

Category B
Vehicle cannot be repaired and must be broken for spares. Please note, waste controls apply to Category B vehicles and HBC only sell such vehicles to buyers holding the appropriate licenses.

The ABI have reviewed their insurance industry code of practice and from 1st October 2017, there will be changes to the following vehicle categories. Categories A and B will remain unchanged. Categories C and D will no longer be allocated to salvaged vehicles and will be replaced with Category S or N. Vehicles allocated C or D category prior to 1st Oct 2017 will remain in circulation for a period of time and vehicles of both old and new categories will appear on our auctions.

Category C
Vehicle is an insurance write off due to the estimated cost of repairs being in excess of the market valuation of the vehicle. Category C vehicles are allowed to be repaired and made road-worthy.

Category D
Vehicle is an insurance write off for other reasons as the repair costs may be less than the market valuation of the vehicle. Category D vehicles are allowed to be repaired and made road-worthy.

Category S
Repairable vehicle which has sustained damage to any part of the structural frame or chassis and the insurer / self-insured owner has decided not to repair the vehicle.

Category N
Repairable vehicle which has not sustained damage to any part of the structural frame or chassis and the insurer / self-insured owner has decided not to repair the vehicle. While the damage to the vehicle has been noted as non-structural, there may still be some safety critical items that require replacement (e.g. steering and suspension parts).

Theft, Unrecorded & Non Salvage

HBC also sell vehicles that do not have an ABI Category there are 3 main classifications of such vehicles:

1) Theft Recovered: These vehicles have been stolen and then later recovered. We know nothing about what happened between the theft & recovery, but many are undamaged.

2) Unrecorded: These are vehicles that the owner or insurer has decided not to repair for reasons other than those simply relating to repair costs.

3) Non Salvage: These vehicles are generally end of lease. They may have damage but they are not recorded as Salvage or Theft recovered.

As with all other vehicles sold by HBC these should be considered “trade sales” and are “sold as seen”. Buyers should ensure that the item is as described and suitable for their requirements.

Why would I need a Waste Management License?

HBC require that customers who want to register as "Spares Only buyers" hold a waste management license (or exemption). These may be obtained from your local Environment Agency.

What is a Waste Carriers License?

To transport Spares Only vehicles you need to hold a Waste Carriers License.

If you do not hold a Waste Carriers License HBC can arrange delivery

What do you mean by "Spares Only"?

To purchase spares only vehicles you need to hold a Waste Management License. This applies to all vehicles including Motorbikes.

Spares Only vehicles can only be purchased by registered vehicle breakers. Such vehicles must not be rebuilt or returned to the road. Spares Only Vehicles can only be dismantled for parts or scrap.

These vehicles are de-identified by ourselves and rendered unfit for the public highway. This may include additional damage not shown on the images.

See also 'ABI Categories'

What is Registration and what do I need to register?

In order to allow you to bid on an auction item and to be able to contact you we need you to register with us.

All customers will need to register on-line before they will be able to bid on our on-line auctions. Our current annual registration fee is £35.00+ VAT on the that fee.

If you wish to register for our online auctions click here

If you wish to purchase "Spares Only" salvage you must also supply your Waste Management License

Can I buy spares from HBC just like a breaker's yard?

We're sorry but we do not sell spares. Nor do we deal in Parts simply because we do not break vehicles.

What about Delivery and Collection?

We can provide a delivery service. The cost depends on number and type of vehicles purchased and delivery distance.

Tolls and ferry charges will be charged at cost for the return trip.

Please click on the link below to visit our delivery price calculator page here.

Where can I see lists of what's on auction?

You can view all vehicles via the AUCTION ENTRANCE page.

There is a link to it at the top of most HBC pages.

All vehicles are sold by on-line auction. (Paper auction listings and the Fax-u-back service are no longer available).

What is a future auction?

This is where a vehicle is in stock at HBC but not yet available for sale. You can declare an interest online and be notified when that vehicle is available and scheduled for auction. We are unable to offer viewing facilities for future items.

When will a future item be available for sale?

This depends on our insurance company suppliers, who tell us that the vehicle is available for sale. On average such items would be available within 4 weeks but it may be longer. Sometimes (in about 1% of cases) we are asked to remove such items from sale, in these cases if you have registered an interest we will tell you.

What are Vehicle Identity Checks?

The Vehicle Identity Check(VIC) scheme has been developed by the Vehicle Inspectorate to help fight car crime by deterring criminals from stealing cars and passing them off as repaired accident damage ones.

Why do you use an Auction Extension Feature?

We believe that most online auction web sites are fundamentally unfair in that the winning bidder is not the person prepared to pay the most money but the person who manages to enter their bid at the last possible second. Thus many other online auctions end up being more of a lottery rather than an auction. Some sites such as "BidSlammer" have developed to take advantage this loophole. The HBC site is similar to the traditional auction in that everyone has a fair chance to bid.

Why has an item had the time extended?

If someone bids on an item within two minutes of the scheduled auction end time the auction extension feature will be triggered. An auction will close at the scheduled end time or two minutes after the last bid. Whichever is the later.

Why has my bidding been Suspended?

Please check your recent emails. we will suspend customers if they breach our terms and conditions. We will also suspend customers if they are the highest bidder for a vehicle but we have been unable to take a deposit on a winning bid.

Are mileages guaranteed?

No, mileages are not guaranteed

What is Credit Card Validation?

We have implemented a system to validate registered Credit Cards when users log in rather than only using the card when you win an item. This will only happen once per day, and only after you have successfully logged in. Over the next few months we will be enhancing this system to alert you if we find a problem with your credit card. If you have any questions please phone HBC support on 01268 630702

My Auction Login Error

If, after logging in successfully, you click on "My Auction" and get an access denied error message, this is a problem caused by your internet browser(Internet Explorer/Firefox/Opera/Safari/Chrome) and not the HBC website.

To solve the problem, you need to clear your "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" (cookies are small files that are generated when you visit web pages, sometimes these files fail to update, resulting in the login error). Google have a site Here that explains how to do it.

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