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Valuation advantage

How do you calculate pre-accident vehicle values? Maybe like many others you rely on Glass’s guide. But how long does it take? What about the difference that postcodes make? And what if clients ask to see advertisements for similar vehicles?

Here’s the answer: our unique and innovative new online eValued service that searches more than a million current records from the Internet’s leading online used car disposal sites – then supplies average vehicle valuations and adverts of current vehicles for sale ... all within a quick and easy process that only takes around 25 seconds to complete.

With one click, you input the registration number, postcode and mileage to get an HPI report showing any outstanding finance, whether stolen and any previous history.

With a second click, the system checks current adverts for similar vehicles and mileage in the given postcode area, and supplies a selection of adverts that you can use with clients to agree a settlement.

This powerful service is available whether or not you’re using HBC for salvage collection and disposal.


Vehicle valuation
in seconds