The CDompany

Systems advantage

Innovative and effective IT is critical to our overall efficiency – and to the many advantages we pass on to our clients.

That’s why we maintain our own internal specialist IT department. Rather than outsource it and risk third party failures and delays, we keep everything under our own control. This ensures we have dedicated people who can instantly respond to and fix any problems. It also means we’re in a unique position to keep on developing new ideas and time-saving processes. HBC is still the only commercial salvage company in the UK to be certified to ISO 27001 – the international standard for data security. It’s the proof that we have secure systems for managing all your data, with robust contingency and disaster recovery plans in place.

These are just some of our most recent pioneering developments in
systems and IT:

  • Automatic population of salvage vehicle details direct from the client policy database without any rekeying – huge time savings and no risk of introducing errors
  • Postcode area vehicle valuation searches with comparative adverts from a million records in under 25 seconds with our online eValued service
  • Digital mapping with intelligent despatching for optimum route planning
  • Online instruction and clearance including access to vehicle details by registration number
  • Online address search using postcode
  • Free online validation of DVLA vehicle data
  • Online tracking for up-to-date information on vehicle status from initial instruction through to disposal
  • Vehicle images available online together with supporting HPI reports
  • Remote access for authorised users to input clearance details in almost any file format