The CDompany

Environmental advantage

We’re very aware of our environmental obligations, as well as the need to help our clients meet their own corporate and social responsibilities. We aim to be environmentally friendly in all our operations, with a long term strategy of improving our business wherever we can.

We take particular care over the control of potentially harmful substances in the vehicles that come into our yards – including burnt out and obliterated vehicles which are stored in specially constructed areas with interceptors in drainage systems.

The ‘end-of-life’ vehicle dismantling and treatment companies we use are also very carefully selected, regulated by the Environment Agency and annually certified.

Our policies and procedures are compliant, regulated and regularly tested:

  • Sound approach to storage of hazardous waste – full compliance with COSSH
  • Fully adherence to the ‘sell for spares’ policy on all category B vehicles
  • Continual investment in Eco 3 compliant vehicles to minimise emissions
Environmental advantage