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Down on the farm

The weather was perfect. The company was brilliant. The food and drink were plentiful. The entertainment included something for everyone. All in all, our “farm day” in August was great fun – as well as a chance to get away from everyday pressures, catch up with people in the industry and make new friends.

The HBC “farm day” has become something of a networking institution in our industry calendar. As usual, we were able to order a gloriously sunny day in August – even though it poured with rain the day after the event. And as usual, we brought together close on two hundred people - mostly from the world of vehicle insurance, and from every level.

There were helicopter rides for those with strong stomachs. Others who preferred to stay closer to the ground could race hovercrafts or have a go at the coconut shy in our very own fairground. Jamie Raven, professional magician and mind reader, amazed everyone and proved once again why you should never play cards with a stranger. “Keith the thief” was there picking our guests’ pockets – and he even gave most of their possessions back. For people with a liking for antique guns and historic costumes there was a muzzle loader and pistol shooting with black powder - a fascinating insight into a bygone era. Lots of colour, noise, smoke and bruised shoulders!

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Down on the farm

“HBC's farm day is a truly unique event in this industry and is superbly hosted. It is a fantastic opportunity not only to meet up with old acquaintances but to make new business contacts as well. This is an event that will always be accommodated in my diary.”

Simon Bennett
Countrywide Accident
Assistance Ltd (CAA)

New in Northern Ireland

McClelland have been up and running as our HBC agent in Northern Ireland for a number of years. Now we’ve taken the step of fully integrating their operation into ours – so they can collect vehicles, image them, and advertise them for sale on our website just like all our other vehicles. McClelland collect and store vehicles from every part of Ireland, north and south.

The move is good for our principals, because we can now take care of instructions in Northern Ireland in exactly the same way as we do everywhere else. And it’s good for customers buying second hand vehicles, because now there’s an even wider pool for them to choose from.

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eValued going down a storm

How do you calculate pre-accident vehicle values? How long does it take? What about the difference that postcodes make? And what if clients ask to see adverts for similar vehicles?

We launched our unique new eValued service in April to make it all really easy. eValued searches more than a million current records from the leading online used car disposal sites, and then supplies average vehicle valuations and ads of current vehicles for sale... all in under 25 seconds, and for just £3.50 per case.

With one click, you input the registration number, postcode and mileage to get an HPI report showing any outstanding finance, whether stolen and any previous history. With a second click, the system checks current ads for similar vehicles and mileage in the postcode area, and supplies a selection of ads that you can use with clients to agree a settlement.

Take-up on eValued has already been strong, and the feedback very good. One simple improvement we quickly made was the facility to enter the actual date of the accident to reflect that day’s market value and get that day’s examples of ads. As eValued keeps on growing in popularity, we’ll keep on enhancing it.

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