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Auctions and innovation

Our reputation for leading the way in UK vehicle salvage owes a lot to our record of innovation – especially in the area of systems and IT.

Having pioneered on-site salvage auctions as the best means of disposal in the mid 1980's, we were also the first to introduce online auctions in 2004.

Our unique online auctions combine the best elements of attended events with the power of the internet – including commonsense features like allowing deadline extensions to help late bidders. Developed by our own specialist IT team, they’re strong on vehicle imagery and allow bids for up to seven days. This means that more people can take part. It also means that our cars often sell for significantly more, and can realise their true value. And this in turn means that we can offer more attractive percentage rates to our contract clients.

But HBC’s innovation goes much, much further.

For example:

  • Our claims management “one stop shop” for insurers takes care of everything from value assessment and reporting to client liaison, settlement and payment

  • Our online eValued service provides postcode area vehicle valuation searches with comparative adverts from a million records in under 25 seconds

  • We can arrange automatic population of salvage vehicle details direct from the
    client policy database without any rekeying – huge time savings and no risk of introducing errors
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We can offer
more attractive percentage rates
to our contract clients